Feed Pellet Machine Forage Feed Pelletizer is an important equipment in feed production. A good feed pelletizer can reduce production cost and improve feed yield and quality. And its function and configuration are directly related to the value of the feed production line. With the support of advanced formula and technology, the feed machine with better overall performance can bring greater economic benefits. Therefore, how to make the machine play 100% of its functions is an urgent problem for feed manufacturers at this stage. Key functions 1. The use of different processing techniques enables the machine to adapt to the requirements of feed pelleting of different materials and formulas; 2. The feed produced by this machine has high yield, moderate particle size and good stability, so the feeding effect is good; 3. The Forage Feed Pelletizer runs smoothly and has a low failure rate. All connections of the machine have been checked for sealing and hygiene, so they are clean. Machines are highly automated. SZLH3501~5t/h SZLH4208~12t/h SZLH50810~20t/h Benefits (1) It can improve feed digestibility. (2) The feed is nutritionally balanced to prevent animals from being picky eaters, thereby reducing feed loss. (3) All feeds are sterilized to reduce or kill the activity of microorganisms. (4) Avoid the feed falling all over the ground and reduce the pollution to the environment. (5) The feed tastes good, and the nutrition is good to increase the food intake of the animals.Feed Pellet Machine website:http://www.feedgranulators.com/feed-pellet-machine/