Prostadine's active ingredient is beta-sitosterol, a plant sterol chemically linked to cholesterol. Beta-sitosterol is found in plants such as saw palmetto, pygeum africanum, and stinging nettle.
To summarise, Prostadine is an effective and risk-free approach of treating an enlarged prostate. If you have urinary issues due to an enlarged prostate, your doctor may advise you to take Prostadine.

Based on the existing data, the effectiveness of Prostadine seems dubious. The research on Prostadine's efficacy in treating enlarged prostates and restoring urinary function is conflicting.
The key advantage of Prostadine is its capacity to increase metabolism and make it simpler to limit calories, resulting in weight reduction. Prostadine is said to include Hoodia Gordonii, a natural appetite suppressor. Furthermore, Prostadine is said to include green tea extract, a natural source of caffeine that has been shown to increase the body's metabolic rate.